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Lock Bumping

Homes at risk with advice on internet
Apr 10, 2008
"...homeowners are at risk of being burgled because videos giving blow-by-blow accounts of how to defy door locks are being posted on the internet..."

YouTube Fuels New Threat To Household Security
Apr 15, 2008
"Social networking sites such as YouTube are fuelling home burglaries across the UK as they feature detailed footage of how to break into a property in seconds, using the new �bumping� and �molegrip� methods."

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The Global Gang

FBI to aid in gang task force
Apr 7, 2008
"...we are beginning to see more and more evidence of gangs, such as MS13..."

Police defuse gang fight
Apr 2, 2008
"...the brawl appeared to involve MS13 members and another unknown street gang..."

Why Illegal Immigration is a Threat to the United States
Apr 1, 2008
"...gangs like (MS13) constitute most of the crime from the ranks of the illegals."

Street gangs that cross borders
Apr 3, 2008
"MS-13 - or Mara Salvatrucha - is the biggest and fastest-growing of the Latin American street gangs."

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With recent world events, the Workplace Violence program should be of extreme interest to all companies and required for all employees to help assure a safe and secure workplace.
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Workplace Violence Seminar 

Protect your company's most valuable assets�Its Employees
We hear about it every once in a while, yet it seems like it's happening more often, and for every incident that we hear or read about in the news, there are many other smaller incidents that occur across the country each day that we don't hear about. Workplace violence probably wouldn't or couldn't happen at your company-right? Or could it?

National Crime Prevention Task Force's Workplace Violence Seminar is a 60-90 minute seminar, designed to educate the individuals in your company or organization, usually in middle to upper management, about issues pertaining to workplace violence. During this information-packed, dynamic program, our instructor will do the following:

  • Outline the procedures that your company or organization should have in place to prevent and counteract violence and violent behavior. 
  • Discuss what security procedures are most effective against workplace violence and what preventative steps should be taken if management suspects that someone is displaying a propensity toward violence or is becoming violent. 
  • Teach employees and/or management the signs that employees should look for as indicators of a possible onset of violent behavior by a co-worker. 
  • Identify the common characteristics and the profile of perpetrators of workplace violence. 
  • Let you know exactly when you should report to police suspicions about potential violence. 
  • Instruct management when it should be most concerned about workplace violence and the time of day that offices are most vulnerable to workplace violence. 
  • Identify the safest place in the office during an attack. 
  • Discuss the best defense for employees to take to avoid being taken hostage and whether or not management should ever negotiate with a perpetrator of workplace violence. 
  • Outline the procedure that the company should have in place in the event of a bomb threat. 
  • Discuss implementation of crisis management procedures in reacting to workplace violence. 
  • Inform you of your best defense against workplace violence. 

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If this seminar sounds like a program that you think might benefit your organization, we certainly concur. If you and your company do not already have a workplace violence plan in place or perhaps your present plan is outdated, this invaluable program is a "must see" for management. Your management team will feel more confident, prepared, and ready to address a critical situation after they have attended this seminar and learned the signs to look for, the preventative measures to take, and the crisis reaction measures to follow in a workplace violence situation or potential situation. After they have attended this seminar they can choose to either relay the information that they have learned to the rest of the work force or even better, they can offer the program to the work force as continued training or as an employee benefit. Either way, they can communicate the information to the work force so that every employee can realize that it is each and every individual's responsibility to maintain a safe and violence-free workplace.

This program, unlike our free Street Smart Seminar, is fee-based. The minimum fee for this 60-90 minute program is $1000 per program with an attendance of up to forty people. The fee for each additional person over forty is twenty dollars per person. We think that the safety and the lives of your employees are worth more than that, but we choose not to assign that value to our program, so that we can keep our program within your budget. The question to ask yourself is whether you are comfortable that the employees in your company, particularly your management team, would know the signs to look for to recognize a potentially volatile employee or situation, or how to react to either one. This program can and will provide them with this valuable information and will have a direct, positive effect on the personal safety of your entire work force.

If you have any questions, or to schedule a program for your company or organization today, please contact us.



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